People On Twitter Can’t Wait For Their #StimulusDeposit To Hit

Photographed by Lauren Maccabee.
On Wednesday, March 25, the Senate passed a 2.2 trillion dollar stimulus package that would, in theory, inject some much-needed liquidity into the U.S. economy. The onset of the coronavirus pandemic has stagnated or even crippled certain sectors of the economy, the unemployment rate is at an unprecedented astronomical high, and this country's wealth gap and broken systems have been made all the more obvious. But the stimulus check is one of the sauciest parts of the package.
Anyone with a social security number living in the United States is eligible for a check, but exactly how much you'll get depends on your household income. For example: if you made less than $75,000 in 2019, you're entitled to $1,200. If you've filed taxes before and set up to receive your return via direct deposit, that's how you'll receive your stimulus money. And there's nothing like the fresh bold feeling you get when you look at your bank account and find that your employer's direct deposit just hit. 
According to Secretary Treasury Steven Mnuchin, the first round of checks was supposed to be deposited in "three weeks." He said this… about three weeks ago. So some educated guesses estimate that the first round of direct deposit should be hitting right about now, with paper checks arriving in the mail in May. And folks are gathering on Twitter to gripe about the much-anticipated arrival of their #StimulusDeposit.
Of course, some people on Twitter woke up today with some very unhinged Christmas morning energy, only to find that their direct deposit from Uncle Sam did not hit their bank accounts.
According to the Wall Street Journal, stimulus checks of up to $4,700 have been deposited as early as three days ago. Surely nobody on Twitter expected to experience this very specific kind of financial FOMO.
Checking your bank account and not finding the stimulus money elicits a reaction similar to the one child who finds coal under their Christmas tree. Hopefully, some more celebratory memes will be making their way into the #StimulusDeposit section of Twitter soon.
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