Unfortunately, Tyler Cameron’s Quarantine Crew Is Not Accepting Recruits —So Don’t Just Show Up At Their House

Photo: Bennett Raglin/Getty Images.
Tyler Cameron is currently holed up in his Florida home with a group of his close friends (and formerly maybe-girlfriend Hannah Brown?), and he and his quarantine crew are riding out the coronavirus pandemic by entertaining the world with an endless stream of content. But for one superfan of the Bachelor alum, watching Tyler have fun on social media wasn’t enough — she wanted to be part of the squad.
As Tyler and his friends were lounging about the house, the model got a disturbing phone call from his brother Ryan alerting him that there was a woman outside. According to his brother, the uninvited guest was waiting patiently in their driveway with two suitcases and a dog; she had traveled all the way from Hawaii to Florida just so she could join the quarantine crew. When confronted, the woman told Tyler’s friends that she had been dating him since Valentine’s Day. 
Now, ma’am. You’re not the only person who’s in love with Tyler. Following his stint on Hannah Brown’s season of The Bachelorette, there isn’t a person alive who wouldn’t want to be snuggled up with him during self-isolation — hell, almost everyone in Bachelor Nation has voiced their interest in Tyler. But we don’t just pull up to his house. We don’t do that, girl.
The disturbing drop-in speaks to a privacy issue that Tyler says he’s been dealing with for quite some time now. “This is why you people need to stop coming by my house, recording my driveway,” he said on Instagram live yesterday, his friends seated around him. “It’s absolutely ridiculous.”
Tyler took the intrusion in stride, acknowledging that it probably happened because the woman was an especially passionate fan, but asked his followers to understand that he wanted to feel safe. “Respect people’s privacy,” he continued on the livestream. “Find something better to do with all this time we have now.”
If you really miss seeing Tyler, TikTok is literally right there — don’t show up at his house.

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