Is The Lindsay-Nicole-Paris Circus Getting A 2020 Reboot?

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Being in quarantine means reminiscing on simpler times. Thanks to a new single, magazine shoot, and Quibi show, that time is 2006. As Lindsay Lohan returns to music and Paris Hilton poses for Cosmopolitan and Nicole Richie does something for Quibi, everyone on the internet is using the opportunity to reflect on a time when those three women, plus Britney Spears, ruled the headlines thanks drama that had nothing to do with pandemics, sexual misconduct, or any of the things we're unfortunately too used to reading in 2020. Instead, it was petty, good old-fashioned gossip that's so insignificant, we might as well read two different Twitter threads about it.
Over the past few days, the internet has been reflecting on this iconic paparazzi picture of Lohan, Hilton, and Spears in a car leaving the club. That snap has a mythology of its own, with Twitter users @BritneyHiatus and Pop Culture Died In 2009 detailing the she-said, she-said of it all.
Basically, Lohan and Hilton had a persistent feud back in the day that was an addicting, confusing mess thanks to contradictory statements and, years later, rewritings of history. That photo in the car was either a PR stunt to repair public perception of Hilton and Lohan's relationship or evidence of Lohan crashing Spears and Hilton's night out — it depends on who you listen to.
Usually, we could chalk this renewed fascination up to quarantine boredom, but there's the undeniable fact that many of the women involved in this early-aughts friend group are currently returning to the spotlight. Out of nowhere, Lohan dropped her first single since 2008, "Back To Me."
While the actress has been active with her reality show Lindsay Lohan’s Beach Club, Lindsay Lohan releasing music is peak 2006 behavior, and she's not the only one going back to her roots.
Nicole Richie, childhood BFF of Paris Hilton and co-star on The Simple Life, is back in front of the camera, although Nikki Fre$h is not a reality show. Instead, it's a portrayal of the star's rapper-gardener alter-go that she described to the Los Angeles Times as an overdramatized version of herself.
Then there's Hilton, who may no longer be a tabloid staple but has never left the spotlight. Her successful perfume empire combined with her DJ career, as well as her general star power, landed her the Cosmopolitan UK April cover, in which she reminisced about her friendship with Richie.
"We laugh about it," she said of their time together on The Simple Life. "All the costumes last Halloween were people dressing up as us, so we were sending each other photos of different outfits people were wearing."
As for Spears, she's been killing it in Las Vegas. While the world may be in lockdown right now, the only logical next step is for all these women to use their 2020 accomplishments to orchestrate a 2006-style reunion upon our release — although that whole "firecrotch" thing? That can stay in the past.

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