Lindsay Lohan Dropped A New Song & You Can Listen Right Now

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Lindsay Lohan is back with a new song that you can stream right now.
After teasing a new single earlier this week on Instagram, Lohan dropped her new song "Back To Me" on YouTube.
The song is an anthem for self acceptance, with lyrics like:
"My life is full of ripped up pages/I've been weak, contagious/But I'm coming back/I'm coming back to me."
Listen to the song below:
This post was originally published on March 31, 2020.
Lindsay Lohan has announced she’s “coming back” for so long now, her many attempts at a second act have officially extended well past the length of her first. That fact doesn’t stop me from getting excited every time former teenage drama queen teases a new project, be it a deeply misguided Bret Easton Ellis movie or, in the case of her Tuesday announcement, new music. 
In the midst of a global pandemic, Lohan revealed via a cryptic Instagram video that she is (once again) “back!” The video features footage of Lohan from news clips, music videos, and behind-the-scenes moments, and is shown through an old school television set. It’s currently the only piece of content on her Instagram account, with a link in her bio directing fans to her official website with instructions on how to pre-save Lohan’s new single. 
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Im back! 👀

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It’s unclear right now if Lohan’s upcoming single has anything to do with her previously announced song, titled “Xanax.” Lohan released a makeshift music video for “Xanax” to her Instagram back in September of 2019, which confused the world with its seemingly random imagery. (It sort of looks like one of the video compilations your iPhone makes automatically, but somehow even more randomized?)
“I got social anxiety, but you’re like Xanax to me, yeah / Social anxiety, when you kiss me, I can’t breathe,” Lohan sings on the track.  Thus far, the song is not streaming on any platform. 
Lohan’s last studio-released single was “Bossy,” in 2008, from her planned (but ultimately scrapped) third album. In 2019, following the end of her reality series Lindsay Lohan’s Beach Club, a report from Page Six claimed she had signed a new deal with Casablanca Records, the company behind her first two albums, Speak (2004) and A Little More Personal (Raw) (2005). 
Recently, Lohan returned to film with the 2019 supernatural thriller Among the Shadows. The movie went straight to video-on-demand. Whether her new single will be better received than her reinvigorated film career remains to be seen, but I’m rooting for you, girl. 

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