R29 Exclusive: Behind The Scenes Of LiLo’s Sultry New Flick

Regardless of your opinion of Lindsay Lohan and her new, nearly X-rated movie, we can all agree that it's a must-see. Not only are we looking forward to watching LiLo's first attempt at career retribution in years, but seeing the talents of Bret Easton Ellis and Paul Schrader come alive onscreen is nothing to balk at. By now we've watched the trailer more times than we can count, so we know we're dealing with some pretty sexy material — and, of course, James Deen.
But, all the controversy and differing opinions over the making of the flick has gotten us incredibly curious about the goings-on behind the scenes. And, while we may never find out what Lohan was really doing when the cameras stopped rolling (personally, we're choosing to believe the more positive side of her slow comeback story), we do have a peek at how the movie's fashion came together. In the video above, we're letting you in on an exclusive mini-doc all about the making of that sexy style. Watch, learn, and don't forget to tune in tomorrow when The Canyons releases on demand, iTunes, and in select theaters.

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