Chad Johnson & Annalise Mishler Give Joint Interview Following His Arrest

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Following his February arrest for domestic violence and robbery, former Bachelorette contestant Chad Johnson is speaking out in a joint interview with girlfriend Annalise Mishler
An argument between Johnson and Mishler led to the neighbors calling the police, who arrested Johnson. During the altercation, Johnson threw Mishler’s phone, leading to his arrest for robbery. Johnson, who claimed he was sober for 50 days prior to the incident, was allegedly highly intoxicated at the time. Mishler shared a video on social media of Johnson attempting to get into her apartment. 
On Monday, Johnson and Mishler sat down for a joint interview with E!’s Daily Pop to explain the situation. 
Johnson claimed that the situation arose after he drank alcohol following his breakup with Mishler. He told the hosts of Daily Pop that he plans on doing an “outpatient program” to deal with his substance issues. 
"It's one of those things where people are like, 'We gotta lock you away so you won't drink.' I'm like, 'I'm not drinking. I go to the gym two hours a day.' It's just like dealing with that one time, every couple of months or something happens and then I have an issue,” Johnson said. 
He denied hitting Mishler. Clearing up the situation was one reason he chose to do this interview with Mishler. 
“I mean, I hit the wall,” Johnson said. “Everybody basically threw me to the side — you know, all my sponsors, everything I had, everything I was working for. I just kind of lost it, you know? To top it all off, I was still wasted after that entire scenario."
Johnson previously gave his side of the story in an Instagram video. It has since been deleted.
As for the current state of Johnson and Mishler’s relationship, they told E! they still have things to “work through.” 
“I’m not at a point to jump back into things. I need to see change and feel better about things,” Mishler said. “Getting help for alcohol is super important...We want to go to therapy, couples’ therapy, individual therapy. We have a lot to work on.” 
Johnson and Mishler are still planning on working on a project together: They will create a new OnlyFans account that will give fans an “intimate look” into their life as a couple. The goal, Johnson told E!, is for the project to be a “bonding experience” while Mishler added that it is a way for the two of them to spend more time together. 
Okay, then. Check out the interview below.

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