This Is The Wine The Cast of Love Is Blind Drank During Filming

Photo: Courtesy of Netflix.
Love Is Blind is a lot of things: First, it's proof that Netflix reality television is just getting started. It's also proof that pods might soon oust dating apps as the mating medium of choice. But most importantly, Love Is Blind is an experiment. And with any experiment comes a deluge of questions, like: Where are the couples now? What about the couples we didn't see? Why are they drinking out of obscure chalice-like wine glasses?  
One question that has gone largely unanswered, however, is: What were they drinking? Because it must be acknowledged that they are indeed drinking. We happen to have first-tongue experience with some of the wine that facilitated the action.
Perhaps one of the best moments of the show all branched off of the get-together in episode 6, "Moving In Together," where all the couples share an evening in their apartment complex's rec center. It was here that Joel Gott Wine's signature 815 Cabernet Sauvignon was present on the counter, in rows and rows of abundance. We tried the wine and we have to say, it's quite a smashable red. It's dry and goes down easy but it's not for the faint of heart — your inner lips will stick to your gums for a while.
Episode 6's drinking sesh was kicked off by a round of shots. Then there was Bud Lite, IPA's (and an awkward exchange between Jessica and Barnett about IPA's). A bar in every pod facilitated those earth-shatteringly-deep conversations that eventually led to "I do's." In Mexico, having a fruity cocktail at the ready helped Diamond express her anger. And lest we forget, the time Jessica shared a drink with her dog, while having a very serious conversation with her fiancé, Mark. Unfortunately, this wasn't what the drag bar was serving when Jessica and Amber had their tender heart-to-heart. 
A bottle of the Love Is Blind drink of choice costs about $12 and if you pair it with the golden chalices we've seen these last few episodes, you're in for fun reunion.
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