This Dog Drinking Wine Is The Most Controversial Thing About Love Is Blind

PHoto: Courtesy of Netflix.
Netflix’s new reality series Love Is Blind is sort of like the love child of The Bachelor and Married At First Sight, with a little bit of 90 Day Fiance thrown in there for good measure. One can debate whether marrying someone you spent just over a month with — and initially met through talking in isolated pods — is a good idea or not, but the most controversial thing about Love Is Blind has nothing to do with romance. Instead, it comes from a strange moment in episode 6 of the first season, and it involves Jessica Batten, her dog, and a glass of wine.
The incident occurs during a conversation between Jessica and her maybe soon-to-be husband Mark Cuevas. Jessica, who is 34, is 10 years older than Mark, and wants to know if this will be a problem when they have kids down the road. She throws out a bunch of ages at Mark — will he be happy with her at 40, when their hypothetical child is 14? At 50, when he’s 24?  
Honestly, who cares, because the most baffling part of the scene has nothing to do with the fact that they’re discussing kids mere weeks into their relationship. Instead, it’s when Jessica puts her glass of red wine to her dog’s mouth, and allows her to drink from the glass. 
“She loves wine,” Jessica declares as her golden retriever slurps from what I hope wasn’t a super nice cab. 
Twitter's collective jaw dropped.
As a dog owner, I have never given my dog wine, but I also tend not to share beverages with my dog in general for other reasons. (Dog slobber is one, followed by wanting all the Diet Coke for myself.) According to everything I found on the internet, I’m doing the right thing: As it turns out, it is not smart to give your dog wine.
Dogs can experience alcohol poisoning just as humans can, according to Rover, and dogs’ livers aren’t properly equipped to process alcohol. The fact that dogs are smaller than most humans also “makes them all the more susceptible” to alcohol poisoning, per the site. Wine also poses a unique risk because grapes are toxic to dogs as well. All reasons to avoid sharing a bottle with your pooch.
It's possible that Jessica's dog does enjoy wine though, even if it's a bad idea for her to drink it. While most dogs won’t seek out beverages containing alcohol because they don’t enjoy the taste, it can be masked by sugar, which it may be in the wine that Jessica is drinking.
Jessica would be better off finding a different treat to give her beloved pup. And, bonus: No more risking digesting dog drool alongside your wine.
Love may be blind, but Twitter is not.

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