Are Any Of The Love Is Blind Couples Still Together? Here’s The Full Answer

Photo: Courtesy of Netflix.
Warning: Spoilers ahead about the Love Is Blind season 1 finale
A few weeks ago, Netflix’s Love Is Blind starts out with 15 single men and 15 single women. From there, forever love is meant to flourish, without its contestants ever seeing each other. Within 10 days of one-on-one hangouts, couples are expected to get engaged. After just a few more weeks, they're meant to get married. It’s a set of rules that sounds like a recipe for disaster or, maybe, genius. 
Not everyone finds a life partner through the Love Is Blind experiment, but the initial pod process does produce a handful of engaged couples. By third episode “First Night Together,” the reality show’s pairings are set and pushed into the real world. 
After watching whirlwind romance after whirlwind romance unfold over 10 episodes, you’re probably wondering who is still together, who crumbles before their wedding day, and if anyone split after their wedding — and you can't wait until the upcoming reunion special. Between the finale “The Weddings” and intense social media sleuthing, we have some solid answers on all of these Love Is Blind mysteries, including the possibility that one player has already fully moved on.
Keep reading to find out which couples ended up together — and which decided love isn’t so blind after all.

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