What Carlton Morton’s Love Is Blind Reunion Proposal To Diamond Jack Really Meant

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When Netflix first announced its latest reality series Love Is Blind, fans weren't sure of what to make of the show's strange premise. But pods and overnight proposals be damned, the world fell into the mess of the Netflix original. More than a year after the filming of the show's wedding episode, our Love Is Blind couples (and singles) reunited onstage to hash out their issues.
As you may remember from binge-watching the show, only two couples made it to the end of the social experiment in tact, but Carlton Morton and Diamond Jack didn't even make it past their pre-honeymoon trip to Mexico. The couple called it quits after Carlton belatedly revealed that he was bisexual, stirring an intense argument that ended in Jack quoting an a very relevant lyric from Beyoncé's "Sorry."
The blowup between the pair was intense — Jack threw a drink at Carlton after he tossed her engagement ring into the pool — but it paled in comparison to the firestorm that it birthed on social media. All over the internet, fans of Love Is Blind discussed Carlton's secret and his fiancee's reaction to it. It may have been the result of television drama, but at least the show inspired an important conversation about sexuality.
In the months that followed their explosive confrontation on the show, Carlton and Jack were able to mend fences, thanks to their Love Is Blind group chat. Coming face to face again during the highly-anticipated reunion was no problem for the pair, especially for Carlton, who took the opportunity to speak up in defense of Jack.
"I just want to make it clear that the woman that I fell in love with, I've never thought she was biphobic or homophobic or that she wouldn't love me," Carlton explained. "I was just afraid that we would have some issues that we would have to work through."
The personal assistant and budding activist also came ready with a surprising new proposal for his ex: friendship.
Taking a knee in front of his co-stars and hosts Nick and Vanessa Lachey, Morton presented Jack with her once-lost engagement ring. Before everyone could fully freak out, Morton clarified that he wasn't trying to get back together with her — he really just wanted them to be friends again.
"I want to get down on one knee and just apologize again, " Morton told Jack earnestly. "I hope that you take this ring again as a significant piece of our friendship and the start of something beautiful.
Jack accepted the proposal and the apology, and she and Morton hugged it out. But don't bother getting your hopes up, because this second chance is strictly platonic. Plus, Jack is already back on the dating scene looking to find love in a more conventional way. But she's bringing the lessons that she learned on Love Is Blind along with her.
"I have dated other people," she shared with Refinery29 on the set of the reunion. "One thing that I feel like this whole experience has taught me is how to I guess open up more. I was definitely always guarding my heart because I do not want to get hurt. I was very scared, very nervous to get into this process and open myself up to someone that I can't see yet."
Thankfully, her experience on the series has allowed her to change her approach to dating in order to meet the one: "I definitely have been able to now be more open and be more willing to go on dates with more people and actually be able to communicate better."
See? Love may not be blind for everyone, but it'll teach you some things if you let it. Just ask Jack and Morton.

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