Love Is Blind’s Diamond Addresses That Scene For The First Time

Photo: Courtesy of Netflix.
Warning: Love Is Blind spoilers ahead.
Netflix’s new dating show Love Is Blind — think Love Island meets The Voice — certainly delivered the boundless drama viewers have come to expect from the genre. And just as contestants on The Bachelor are wont to come forward and share their sides of the story, we’re starting to hear from the Love Is Blind couples about what really went down while filming. 
One of the season’s most dramatic moments was a blow-up between Diamond Jack and Carlton Morton, who seemed very much in love early on. After Carlton proposes and their appearances are revealed, he discloses to Diamond that he’s dated men and women in the past. Diamond later tells him that she felt betrayed he didn’t mention this sooner in their relationship, and what starts as an apprehensive conversation escalates into an argument: Diamond takes off her ring, and Carlton yells some choice names at her.
Speaking with Entertainment Weekly, Diamond addressed the fight for the first time. “[The topic of his sexuality] should have been expressed sooner,” she said. “I know it’s hard to express that initially because you don’t want people to make judgments about you...but from my perspective, I wish he would have put himself in my shoes and say, maybe I should tell her sooner before actually getting engaged and possibly walking down the aisle.”
Diamond clarified that she wasn’t angry about Carlton’s romantic history, but that she believed he should have spoken up sooner in their relationship — and, of course, that he shouldn’t have yelled at her during their poolside discussion.
“Before I knew it, things became disrespectful and with the disrespect, I reacted in a way I wish I would have never done,” Diamond said. “And so it blew up way bigger than I thought. I wish I would have handled it a little differently but...I had to stand up for myself.”
As to where things stand between Carlton and Diamond? They broke up. But Diamond said they were able to ultimately salvage a friendship.
“He did apologize,” she said. “Carlton and I were able to establish a friendship after the show,” she later added. “But it took a very long time.”
Love Is Blind’s season 1 finale will premiere February 27 on Netflix.
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