Are Lauren & Cameron Still Together After Love Is Blind?

Photo: Courtesy of Netflix.
Over the first five episodes of Netflix’s Love Is Blind — which kick off the new three-week reality TV “event” — we meet a handful of couples trying to go from zero to happily married in about a month without ever seeing each other. The premise sounds absolutely impossible until you witness the premiere episode sparks fly between two contestants: Lauren Speed and Cameron Hamilton. As you watch Lauren and Cameron get to know each other from their respective pods, it’s difficult not to believe Love Is Blinds wild concept may just work. 
It’s even more difficult not to worry that Lauren and Cameron’s burgeoning romance will fall apart in the pressure cooker of Love's endearingly bizarre rules. Well, after some social media sleuthing, it appears likely we have nothing to worry about. 
Lauren and Cameron are probably still together. 
The biggest clue that your favorite Love duo is flourishing comes down to a trip to Cancún, Mexico. Both Lauren and Cameron were in the North American beach town for the exact same set of days in mid-December 2019, right before Christmas. Cameron geo-tagged his shirtless photo from Cancún, “Óleo Cancún Playa.” Lauren liked this image — and only 22 people total liked the photo. That suggests solely the people closest to Cameron actually saw the picture. Although Lauren geo-tagged all of her pictures “Cancún, Quintana Roo,” instead of Óleo Cancún Playa like Cameron, she used the hashtag “#OleoCancunPlaya” or “#Oleo” for a number of her beach pictures. 
Then there is the matter that all of these photos look like they were taken at the same place around the same exact time.
Although we do see Lauren and Cameron go to Mexico in Blind’s third episode, “First Night Alone,” these photos are clearly not from that Netflix-sponsored trip. The proof is in Lauren’s hair, which is in long braids for the December 2019 photos. In “First Night,” Lauren’s hair is short and straight. These are different vacations, which suggests Lauren and Cameron are still going on trips together after leaving the show. 
While looking at these photos, you may be wondering if Lauren and Cameron follow each other on Instagram. That would be the best indicator they are still connected in some way. Currently, they are not. However, they did follow each other before the Love Is Blind promotional tour began, as some Instagram detective work confirmed (which explains how Lauren was able to like so many of Cameron’s photos so regularly). Cameron’s pre-scub account also showed him hanging out with a dog that looks a lot like this one who belongs to Lauren. This Instagram purging behavior isn’t peculiar, since some of Lauren and Cameron’s co-stars have done the same. Mark Anthony Cuevas went so far as to delete his whole Instagram
So if you really want to get conspiracy theory-friendly with what is available on Instagram, it is very plausible these two photos were taken on the same balcony (mind the flooring).
We may not officially  find out until Love Is Blind’s season 1 finale — premiering Thursday, February 27 — if Lauren and Cameron make it down the aisle. But, it looks like you won’t have to buy a jumbo box of tissues in preparation just yet.

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