Diamond & Carlton Are Friends Again Thanks To The Love Is Blind Group Chat

Photo: Courtesy of Netflix.
The first few episodes of Love Is Blind have only been on Netflix for a week, but they've given us plenty to talk about. Perhaps the most controversial moment of all went down at the beginning of episode 4, when Carlton Morton revealed to his fiancée Diamond Jack that he has previously slept with both men and women. The conversation didn't go well, mostly because Diamond felt that by waiting until after their engagement to reveal this information, Carlton had been lying by omission. Carlton, meanwhile, felt her reaction shamed him for his sexuality. After exchanging increasingly harsh words, the couple ended their engagement and subsequently left the show. Speaking to Refinery29 at an event a year and a half after filming that dramatic breakup, Diamond and Carlton revealed that they very recently hashed things out and became friends — and it's all thanks to a group chat.
"I reached out to her on an app that the cast used to message each other and she responded," Carlton told Refinery29 earlier this week. "It took time for us to even get to that point're still hurting so you don't want to reach out and hurt yourself even more."
At first, the two would avoid the group chat, which consisted of all the contestants that made it out of the pods. When one saw the other typing, they'd sit out of the conversation to avoid confrontation, but over time things in the chat became more amicable and comfortable.
"We started liking each other's comments," he continued. "And then about a month ago we finally talked on the phone."
And that phone call was filled with apologies — from both of them.
"He apologized and he understood where I was coming from at that moment in time. I apologized as well," Diamond told R29 before turning to Carlton: "I really still want to apologize again to you. I never want to make anyone feel uncomfortable."
As Diamond previously told Entertainment Weekly, her anger wasn't actually about his romantic past or his sexuality, but the fight spiraled so quickly that the nuance was lost.
"I'm sorry for making you feel that you can't be open to me about that," she added.
Love Is Blind is streaming on Netflix now, and while Carlton and Diamond may no longer be on it, the group chat is still going strong.

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