Netflix’s New Love Is Blind Is Like The Bachelor — If The Contestants Couldn’t See Each Other

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The premise of most dating shows is fairly simple: throw a group of singles under one roof in a quest to find true love (or a career as an influencer, if falling in love on national television isn’t exactly your speed). The formula has worked for series like The Bachelor, Bachelor in Paradise, Love Island, and more. Now, after a successful foray into reality television, streaming giant Netflix wants in on the dating game, and its newest offering promises to throw a wrench in the already-complicated pursuit of love.
Love is Blind is an upcoming Netflix series that will examine the role of looks in romance. Hosted by real-life married couple Nick and Vanessa Lachey, the reality series invites hopefuls to find the proverbial one, but with a major twist: they have to commit to each other (for life!) before even meeting in person.
The singles will chat amongst themselves, with just a wall separating them, and if they establish what they feel is a romantic connection, they'll pop the big question. Once the couples are engaged, they’ll have to do the whole "falling in love" things backwards, getting to know each other while planning their wedding. 
The new Netflix series follows the success of the streaming service's other dating show Dating Around. Unlike Love is Blind, the stakes were much lower on Dating Around. The goal for contestants on the series wasn't really to find "the one" and get married; people just wanted to have a first date that didn't make them want to give up on love for good. It sounds easy enough, but if you've tried getting back on the dating scene, you know that it's a jungle out here.
Love is Blind zooms right past the awkwardness of the first date and the getting-to-know-you stage and dives straight into what many consider to be the most terrifying aspect of relationships: commitment.
Proposing to a total stranger — before you even know which Beyoncé album is their favourite or who they’re going to vote for in the 2020 election — sounds terrifying, doesn’t it? Well, that’s kind of the point. Love Is Blind is a social experiment that charges its participants to find love beyond what's on the outside, trying to discover if an emotional connection is enough to solidify a real and lasting romantic bond.
This addictive 10-part series rolls out weekly for three weeks (starting on February 13) with a two-hour finale on February 27 where they uncover whether looks or age do matter, or if love really is blind.

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