This Is What Barnett From Love Is Blind Actually Does For A Living

Photo: Courtesy of Netflix.
Warning: there are Love Is Blind spoilers ahead.
Ah, Barnett. The indecisive jock, the polarizing muscle man, the creator of the now iconic Love Is Blind Love Triangle (trademark pending, probably). Whether you think he’s the hottest Pod dweller since sliced bread or the dorkiest lug this side of the Mississippi (we saw that ukulele, justice for LC!), we can all agree Amber has fallen for this dude. We can also all agree that whatever the heck he does, he has enough money to have a house, but not enough money for an interior designer, or furniture that isn’t brown. So what exactly does this 28-year-old do for a living to pay for all the dog food for Koda (but not to fix the hole Koda made)? Ahead, we dig deep into Barnett’s career, before he went all blind for love.
According to his LinkedIn, Barnett, whose full name is Matthew Barnett, is an assistant project manager for a construction company in Atlanta, GA and has worked there since March 2019. He also appears to have a second job (or maybe he just hasn’t updated his LinkedIn since he’s been busy becoming a mild influencer) as a project engineer at a mechanical construction company in Roswell, GA. The most wonderful find of his career path is not that he’s an engineer or that he had a 3.17 GPA in college, but the fact that he was a bather at PetSmart! He loves his dogs so much!
Now we know that Barnett works in construction project management, the obvious next question is — exactly how much does the pretty boy make? According to Glassdoor, assistant project managers at his company, New South Construction, make an average of $65,226 a year. If he gets promoted to Project Manager he’ll get a sweet raise, with those working at his company raking in $85,000 a year. Let’s all hope for the sake of our girl Amber (I stan, sorry not sorry) he continues to get those pay bumps so she can live her dream of being a stay-at-home mom.
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