For Those Of You That Are Struggling, This Is What Love Is Blind‘s Cameron Does For Work

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Love is Blind is unlike any other reality television show of recent history. It challenges each participant to go the distance and put a diamond ring where their mouth is. They talk through a wall, unencumbered by big bad wolves like social media and physical appearances. Only when they're engaged do they get a chance to see each other. Then, they move onto the honeymoon in Mexico, meet each other's families, and have their wedding day in the finale. Participants join the experiment in search of some ideal pure love that doesn't take into consideration things like race, creed, or class but conveniently, does take gender and geographical location into account.
It's easy to have faith in "the pods" when you end up engaged to a well-off engineer with the body of a former fireman, which is exactly what contestant Lauren Speed gets when she lays eyes on her new fiance Cameron Hamilton. Yes, he is majorly clingy and yes, he holds his body in a state of permanent flex. But it looks like that just might be Lauren's speed (I had to).
Like Chandler Bing from Friends, some people have super-specialized and uniquely vague job descriptions that just don't stick to your brain, even after they've introduced themselves multiple times. And it would seem  Cameron Hamilton has one of those jobs. (Thankfully, he's not a rapper.) Much to any suitor's delight, he is a fireman-turned-scientist working in the ultra-lucrative field of artificial intelligence. But what exactly does that mean?
Cameron Hamilton works as a data science consultant for Weill Cornell Medicine. According to his LinkedIn page, he's been working for WCM for almost two years. He has two master's degrees: one in artificial intelligence from the University of Georgia which covers machine learning, robotics, algorithms, and a host of other specialties. And another in Neurophilosophy (the intersection of science and philosophy). Our boy is brains and brawn.
You're probably wondering how much he makes, considering the mega-house he walked Lauren through their first time back from Mexico. Well, according to Glassdoor, data scientists earn an average of $113,109 a year. And while he was once a fireman, the gaggle of gaunt nerdy friends he brought to his bachelor party shows that he is mostly brains now. Suddenly, meeting your partner while sealed off from them in a pod doesn't sound so weird, does it?
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