Amanda Bynes Would Like To Apologize For Calling Celebrities Ugly In 2013

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Former child star Amanda Bynes is starting a brand new chapter. Following a tumultuous period, Bynes is turning a new page in her life — but first, she’s trying to turn some past wrongs into rights.
In 2013, Bynes made headlines for her bizarre and confusing behavior. She began acting erratically and, at the time, no one knew what she was going through. The world would later discover, via her 2018 PAPER Magazine cover, that Bynes had been dealing with serious mental health issues and drug addiction for years.
Her breakdown was well-documented on social media. Twitter was her platform of choice and Bynes used it to send out several nasty tweets about her peers, including Drake, Rihanna, and former president Barack Obama. Bynes said that her addiction cost her several important jobs, leaving her ample time to devolve into an unabashed Twitter troll.
"[I] was just stuck at home, getting high, watching TV and tweeting," Bynes told PAPER. "I had a lot of time on my hands and I would 'wake and bake' and literally be stoned all day long."
Seven years and one trip to rehab later, Bynes is now able to look at that dramatic year of her life with a clearer vision. Thanks to the love and support of her fiancé Paul Michael, she says that she has a whole new lease on life and fully understands why she lashed on out social media in the past.
"I just wanted to post a video to say I'm sorry to everyone I called ugly on Twitter," Bynes said on Instagram, showing off her both new face tattoos and her new man. "I was feeling so ugly at the time, and it was really hard for me to express myself because I was so drugged out."
"Now, I've remained sober for over a year," she continued. "I just want to let you know that I love you guys, and I'm so happy now."
She also took the time to introduce Michael to the world, calling him the "best person on the face of the earth." The couple met in rehab and have been together for several months. They have both been sober for over a year.

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