What To Expect From This Year’s Bachelor: Women Tell All

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In been filled with so much contestant drama, kind of the last thing we want right now is to see Peter Weber's Bachelor: Women Tell All (WTA). Airing on March 2, the two-hour event reunites all of the eliminated women from Peter's season to hash out everything we just watched on screen. The TV special is already prone to people all shouting over each other — and from what we can expect thus far, this one likely going to turn the dial up to 11.
Peter acknowledged in an interview with Entertainment Tonight that many of the contestants on his Bachelor season were pot-stirrers. Many fans and even former contestants like Ashley Iaconetti felt like they were a cast of "mean girls." And they definitely had their moments. "
I get that people can be dramatic and people can be catty sometimes, but I didn't know it was necessarily to that extent," Peter told ET after having watched the season back. 
One instance we know for sure will be brought up at the WTA is the relationship between Victoria Paul and Alayah Benavidez. There was some confusion about how close of friends they were before the show, with Alayah claiming they were quite close and Victoria claiming that they hardly knew each other. In a clip from WTA posted by E! News, Alayah is quick to call it out.
"One of the things we said to the other before coming into this was 'Hey, you have full permission to check me before I wreck myself,'" Alaya says in the clip.
"I take full responsibility for not doing that," Victoria says, but it doesn't seem to make up for everything went down.
Another conflict that gets addressed, according to a sneak peek posted by TV Insider, is everything that went down between Tammy Ly with Mykenna Dorn and Kelsey Weier. Tammy called both women all kinds of names and was deeply unkind to them. She eventually apologized on Twitter, but isn't backing down during WTA.
"I know that Kelsey was upset when Sydney went off on her one-on-one," she explains. "Like, whether we were close or not, you weren't doing OK and I was concerned."
 "Where was the concern in Cleveland when you moved out of her hotel room because you were talking mad shit about her?" Lexi Buchanan chimed in.
Additionally, Victoria Fuller previously said on Instagram that she plans to "defend" herself against some of the rumors and accusations lobbied at her by people off the show and on. The WTA seems like a natural place for her to do that.
Peter, for his part, has some answers he also wants from contestant Sydney Hightower. He told ET that he plans to ask her some tough questions at the WTA. "She never came off to me the way I'm seeing how she acted with some of the women when I wasn't there," Peter said. "So I am a little bit curious about that and that she just kind of was hiding a personality I didn't necessarily know very well, to be completely honest."
Other contestants, like Savannah Mullins, have previewed their upcoming appearances. Savannah posted an Instagram with pre-Women Tell All reading material: a book called The Truth Speaks For Itself. Curious.
Other than that, fans can probably count on some contestants who initially didn't get much screen time trying to make their voices heard in a play to get cast on Bachelor in Paradise. Someone (probably Kelsey) will likely make a big speech about letting go of Peter but still being ready for love in a play for the Bachelorette title. Hannah Brown could potentially show up to address whether she still has feelings for Peter. And there will be bloopers, which seem to be host Chris Harrison's favorite part of these TV specials. 
But even the promise of silly outtakes can't take away our apprehension at having to relive all this catty drama again. Instead of being the most dramatic Bachelor episode of all time, this WTA is more like the most dreaded.
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