Valentines Day Memes For Every Stage – From Crushing To Heartbroken

Photographed by Sage McAvoy.
Allow me to cut to the chase: It's Valentine's Day.
That was probably the most loaded sentence you could say in February, but it's just the facts. Today is the day that people, maybe even including you, celebrate or just acknowledge the fact that we all have loved ones. A beautiful celebration in theory, however, we tend to focus our energies on romantic relationships, specifically.
Since our sexual and romantic affairs are all in various states of mess, the best remedy is not a rom-com, but a chaotic collection of really dank memes.
These memes will take you through all the feels. There are memes for when you’re in the throes of a budding crush. There are memes for when you’re deep into a relationship. There are memes for when you’re "between relationships." And of course, we must include a hefty dose of dating cynicism memes, for good measure. So sit back, pop in some headphones, and find a private place to laugh.

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