People Can’t Get Over How Sad Peter Weber Looks In This Interview

Photo: Courtesy of ABC.
This season of The Bachelor has been one of the most dramatic in recent history, plagued with real world scandals in addition to the show's weekly antics. Bachelor Nation may be perpetually exhausted by the petty drama — we really had to watch two grown women fight over a bottle of champagne — but it looks like Peter Weber may be taking the hardest hit.
Our Bachelor has been making his rounds talking about his season of the ABC dating show. Peter has been one of the franchise’s most eager participants. He speaks so enthusiastically of “the process” that if you didn’t know better after watching so many seasons of The Bachelor and all of its spinoffs, you might believe that dating 20 people at once really leads to true love. He has been remarkably chipper on his press run, but a new interview has fans of the show wondering what’s eating Pete.
Access Hollywood sat down with Peter to discuss the juiciest (and most outlandish) theories currently circulating the fandom, including a rumor that not one, but two different women on his season were pregnant and another that he’s currently single. Peter appeared to laugh off the far-out speculations, saying that he found them “hilarious,” but fans clocked that his smile wasn’t quite reaching his eyes.
“Never have I seen the Bachelor this sad and tired,” one user observed in the comments. “You can tell that he’s over these questions and the whole process," wrote another. "I wonder if he would still do the show if he knew how it would turn out.”
Peter does appear to be abnormally low-energy in the interview, which could be because he's everywhere right now. But it could also be attributed to the sheer chaos of this season of The Bachelor. Everyone knows that this show is a lot — drama is its bread and butter, so that's kind of the point — but the competition for Peter's heart has been especially brutal. In the past six episodes, we've watched women fight tooth and nail for his attention, sending each other home in the process.
As if that wasn't enough, Peter's dating pool has been especially controversial. His favorite contestant Madison Prewett was discovered to be running her own fan page on Instagram, and Victoria Fuller willingly posed in a "White Lives Matter" campaign. Add those infractions to the incessant lying, snitching, backstabbing, and accusations of alcoholism, and yeah...I'm sure you'd be exhausted, too.
We're still a few weeks out from the grand finale of the show where we find out who Peter has decided to make his co-pilot for life. It's possible that we already know who he's going to fly off into the sunset with, but the drama is far from over. Hang in there, Peter.

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