The Best Valentine’s Day Chocolate For Everyone In Your Life

Photographed by Dominique Russo.
In the year of our Beyoncé, 2020, Valentine's Day has morphed from a celebration of a martyred catholic priest (seriously look it up) to a day that celebrates love of all kindsfrom friends to lovers to coworkers to classmates to hairdressers (hi, Nathalie, ily). It's a day for wearing red lipstick and eating dinner at fancy restaurants. It's a day to yell "Singles Awareness Day!" all over social media and a day to stress about if you have a child in grades K-5. But most importantly, Valentine's Day is about em-effing chocolate. In honor of this very special chocolate holiday, the Lifestyle team tried as many kinds of chocolate as we could fit in our cute little mouths. Ahead, our thoughts, our feelings, our chocolate sommelier-ing on the perfect chocolate for every person you love.

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