SNL Figured Out Why The Bachelor Just Isn’t Working This Season

Photo: Courtesy of NBC.
Last year, we had Dolton the Virgin Hunk — before that, 2018’s Car Hunk. It was only a matter of weeks before Saturday Night Live shared their take on this season of The Bachelor, starring pilot Peter Weber, along with multiple Victorias and in-house feuds. 
Last night, host and Houston Texans player J.J. Watt turned into “Pilot Hunk” Pat, a man tasked with finding a wife in a sea of “30 sobbing Hannahs.” The sketch deployed the typical gags from years past, including the incessant “Can I steal him for a sec?” and the appearance of just one Black contestant. But rather than poking fun at Peter or his specific suitors, SNL got right to the heart of what isn’t working this season: there just isn’t much there to satirize.
Of course, the season’s largest conflict thus far, Champagne-gate, got a nod from Aidy Bryant, who chugged (and spilled) some champagne in imitation of Kelsey. Victoria F. also got the SNL treatment from Kate McKinnon, who almost burst into tears because she “was blushing so hard at the thong fashion show.” McKinnon later returned with a bombshell about country singer, er, Chance Beef: “He and I dated. Are you mad?” After Pat assures her character that it’s fine, she adds, “I’ve also dated most of the cameramen. Are you mad?” It’s all good until she tells him she makes more than he does, and then it’s: producers, take her out!
Though The Bachelor tries to sell every season as “the most dramatic yet,” that just hasn’t been the case this year: everything from the obvious producer-influenced drama to the less-than-glamorous date locations has Peter’s season shaping up to be a pretty unmemorable one. According to the promos and the return of pageant queen Alayah, things might spice up in the coming episodes, but we don’t even have a fence jump or “Jesus still loves me” moment on the horizon. (Although fans do have theories about who has Peter’s beloved mom crying.)
Watch SNL’s take on this season of The Bachelor below.

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