Nothing Says I Love You Like These One-Of-A-Kind R29 Valentine’s Day Cards

What makes a perfect Valentine’s Day card? Does it have to be gushy? Horny? Intimate? Just silly enough? For me, it’s all four. A Valentine’s Day card should make my heart grow four sizes and my eyes well up, not because I’m feeling sentimental, but because I’m looking at a drawing of Kumail Nanjiani’s perfectly toned abs
For the past four years, Refinery29 has essentially hand-delivered the sexiest, punniest Valentine’s Day cards directly to your inbox or Instagram feed. Now, we’re back with a new round of one-of-a-kind creations. Why tell your crush you think they’re flawless with a generic Hallmark caption when you can say it with Brad Pitt’s smize, or Lizzo’s flute?
No amount of Maggie Rogers-approved love songs will ever replace the value of receiving the perfect Valentine’s Day card. Ahead, are 12 pop culture-inspired love notes made especially with you in mind. Screenshot them, print them, and send them to your best friend, lover, or just address one to yourself. 

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