Valentine’s Day Cards For Our Internet Boyfriends

Illustrations by Mallory Heyer.
There are a few reasons why I choose to live on the internet:
A. My job. It's here! Hi.
B. The content. There's so much of it.
C. The internet boyfriends. They are everywhere and I love it.
We've been over what internet boyfriends are time and time again, but it just never gets old. Internet boyfriends are a phenomenon because they are equal parts unattainable celebrity and relatable-coffee-shop-guy-who-smiles-when-you-make-eye-contact. I'm talking Oscar Isaac in Star Wars, Jude Law in The Young Pope, and Tom Hardy just existing, with dogs.
Since I am not the only one to imagine my life with Riz Ahmed by my side, I wanted to share these personalized Valentine's Day cards with all of you, because they're kind of perfect. Send them to the celebrity, share them with your friend who is obsessed with Adam Driver, or just gaze longingly at the best internet baes of 2017. Exchanging cards is one of the best parts of the Hallmark holiday, so in honor of these perfect specimens, I urge you to do so. Love is in the air, y'all. And on the internet.
Happy Valentine's Day!

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