These Celebrities Are All Endorsing Bernie Sanders For President In 2020

Photo: JEFF KOWALSKY/AFP/Getty Images.
The list of bands and celebrities that support Senator Bernie Sanders in his 2020 bid for president is something of a dream lineup — it reads much like Coachella's most sought-after headliners. And, actually, there's a lot of crossover.
Sanders counts quite a few celebrities — particularly musicians— among his voter base, many of them standing beside him since his 2016 run. But, it’s not just celebrities voting for the Vermont senator. According to current Iowa polls, Sanders is the leading Democratic candidate ahead of the 2020 Democratic caucus, with former vice president Joe Biden trailing closely behind. Although the percentage points between the top four Democratic candidates show a tight and unpredictable race, It seems that Sanders' particular brand is, well, a crowdpleaser, especially for celebrities. On Wednesday, The Strokes announced that they would play a during Sanders' New Hampshire rally on February 10. This comes shortly after Sanders released a lineup for his Iowa caucus rally featuring the likes of other hugely-popular rock stars. Not to mention, Sanders is the subject of countless celeb instagram posts, tweets, and mentions.
As a consistent frontrunner since he announcing his presidential bid in March 2019, Bernie Sanders seems to be getting the right kind of attention. His campaign platforms of addressing wealth inequality, climate change, and affordable healthcare are imploring talented artists with huge platforms to endorse his 2020 run. Now that Sanders is literally putting on shows with musicians that are feeling the Bern, we've rounded up some of his favorite celebrity endorsements for 2020.

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