Cardi B Wants To Run For Congress & We Are Ready For It

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Cardi B wouldn't be the first celebrity to redirect their career into politics, and she likely wouldn't be the last. The rapper has a history of supporting her favorite politicians and is often very vocal about her political beliefs. Beyond that, the Hustlers star believes in taking action to provoke and motivate change. So it wouldn't be such a surprise if she took her talents to the White House, would it? But, let's be clear: this isn't an endorsement — not yet, anyway.
On Sunday, the Bronx-born rapper essentially gave us a taste of what a future with Cardi B in office would look like. In a series of tweets, the she expressed her interest in running for political office. "I really love government even tho I don't agree with government," she tweeted first.
Although the musician has never hidden her political aspirations before, they've always been in more of an effort to create awareness. Cardi previously used her platform to draw attention to government shutdowns, healthcare, and the importance of raising the minimum wage. Now, she is taking that interest and turning it into a career aspiration — and we are pretty much all here for it.
Cardi B’s involvement in politics goes beyond endorsing a single candidate. She’s established a track record for speaking out about the things and people she cares about. In April, Cardi showed support for Rep. Ilhan Omar when she was facing racist attacks and death threats. And, she also spoke out this time last year when the government shut down over Trump’s demands for border wall funding. 
“I don’t want to hear y’all motherfuckers talking about, ‘Oh but Obama shut down the government for 17 days,” Cardi told her followers in an Instagram video following the shut down. "Yeah, bitch, for health care! So your grandma could check her blood pressure and you bitches could go check your pussies in the gynecologist’s office with no motherfucking problem!"
But, Cardi's interest in politics actually predates her music career. Early last year, her high school history teacher chimed in to support Cardi B using her platform to inspire change and went on to mention that Cardi B excelled in history, according to Complex.
But when it comes to deciding whether she wants to run for office herself, Cardi B's made a name for herself by endorsing candidates who mirror her own beliefs. Cardi B has long been a supporter of Bernie Sanders, whose platforms closely match the causes she advocates for. The two sat down together to discuss issues ranging from student debt to climate change to what constitutes a living wage in a video released for Sanders’ campaign in July 2019.
"She is really smart. And she is deeply concerned about what's happening in this country," Sanders said during an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel. "She wants to make sure we improve life for working people in this country, and I'm delighted that she is a supporter."
Clearly, Cardi B wants to take some time to work on her candidacy before she makes a formal run for office, but we wouldn’t be surprised if she continued her vocal support of Sanders through the 2020 election in the meantime. Whenever, if ever, she chooses to run for office, we’re all ears.
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