Jeffree Star Confirms Rumors That He & Boyfriend Nathan Schwandt Split

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Grab the tissues to keep your mascara from running. Jeffree Star and boyfriend Nathan Schwandt have broken up after five years. Star confirmed the breakup rumors in an emotional YouTube video in which he thanked fans for all the love and support during this difficult time.
“Hey guys, I don’t even know how to start this intro,” Star began the January 11 announcement, titled “We Broke Up.” Sitting in a giant pink bed surrounded by his Pomeranians, he said, “I never thought this day would come where I’d be sitting here talking about this.” Star admitted it took him 10 times to get through the opening without crying and that he is a “few weeks” into the split. Rumors that the two had broken up started circulating late last year after Star canceled events and removed "wifey of Nathan" on his Instagram bio. 
“I’ve used a lot of this time of silence to just try to heal,” he said. “We’re both in a state of shock. I’m devastated. I’m so sad.” All of this is why he stepped back from recent professional engagements. While Star didn’t share the cause of the breakup, he did say he had no ill will towards his ex. “This isn’t like an internet fight. This isn’t drama. This isn’t tea,” he said. “This is my real life and me and my soul mate are really going through it.”
Star said Schwandt was the “only man who was confident to love me publicly, to love me for me fully with all my flaws,” but he was not always comfortable in the public eye. He also said that friends and family had tried to sell the story of their breakup. "I don't even know how to process that,” he said. “We're over here heartbroken, dealing with our emotions, dealing with things behind the scenes and off-camera, and there's family trying to tell the media fake stories, get money out of it."
Schwandt has moved out of their mansion, but the two are on good terms, according to Star. “Me and Nathan will be friends forever,” he said. “I will always have love for him. Are we in love with each other? No, but we love each other and he will always be part of my life.”
Star is ready to go back to work soon and excited for what 2020 holds for Jeffree Star Cosmetics. He reiterated this message on YouTube, writing, “I'll be back to filming and creating with makeup soon. My heart is trying to heal and repair. I love you guys so much.”
Star first met Schwandt in 2014 through Instagram. The two started dating the following year. Schwandt has yet to comment on the breakup.

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