Jeffree Star Explains Those Hairs That Were Found In His Eyeshadow Palettes

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For those who found a little something extra in their Jeffree Star Cosmetics x Shane Dawson Conspiracy Collection eyeshadow palette, Jeffree Star would like to explain. Fans complained of finding stray hairs in Star’s eyeshadow palette collaboration with YouTuber Dawson, People reports. The beauty mogul took to social media to set the record straight about what, exactly, was going on. 
After a fan on Twitter questioned the “hair-like material” they found in their Conspiracy palette, which dropped earlier this month, Star explained that those weren’t hairs but “ribbon fibers.” On Instagram Stories, Star went further, explaining that the fibers were “not toxic. It’s completely safe but it is still disgusting.”
He also stated on his Instagram Stories that only 35 palettes “out of 1.1 million” produced were affected by this mistake, which has since been resolved. “The lab has done a full investigation & we found the issue,” Star tweeted. “I pride myself on quality and fully apologize for this error.”
He also shared video in his Instagram stories and on Twitter showing the process of creating the palettes in the lab, and how the fibers were mistakenly embedded. 
The ribbon is used during the pressing process and, according to Star, if it is not changed, the frayed ends of the ribbon could end up in the product. Star also provided a screenshot of an email from the lab, which explained that the lab has eliminated the use of scissors to cut the ribbon on all pressed powders and will now “add black light to our inspection protocol to see fibers not visible to the naked eye.”
Star also shot down any comparisons to the Jaclyn Hill lipstick drama in which fibers were found in her products. “A lot of people are trying to put this next to the Jaclyn Hill lipstick launch. You guys, stop. I address everyone fully. I’m not blocking anyone. I’m not deleting my social media account,” he said on his Instagram Stories. “And that’s no shade but that’s not how I handle things. I am always fully transparent. So to compare my situation to someone else’s just is not fair.”
In his last tweet on the topic, Star offered to make good on his company’s mistake offering a full refund and a new palette to affected customers. “Anyone that has ANY product issues with any JSC product, my customer service team is available Monday to Friday,” he tweeted. “Palettes that were effected [sic], we have sent out new ones and also given a full refund because that does not reflect how my brand should be represented.”
Refinery29 has reached out to reps for Jeffree Star Cosmetics and Shane Dawson for comment.
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