Lindsay Lohan Thinks Everyone Took Her Liam Hemsworth Insta Reply The “Wrong Way”

Photo: James Gourley/Getty.
Rumors of Lindsay Lohan’s crush on Liam Hemsworth have apparently been greatly exaggerated — according to Lohan herself. She appeared on CNN’s New Year’s Eve Live with Anderson Cooper and Andy Cohen to set the record straight via video from Oman. Lohan dropped some juicy tidbits about her life overseas and her plans for 2020, and stopped another rumor from starting. Lohan addressed leaving a comment on one of Liam Hemsworth’s Instagram photos that some took as public eyelash-batting in light of his finalized divorce from Miley Cyrus.
Cohen, the dutiful host, told Lohan he Googled her before she went on air to find the “latest Lohan news” and asked about what was going on with her jumping into Hemsworth’s Insta comments. Lohan explained that her only connection with Hemsworth is that she “works with the WOW Foundation in Australia,” better known as Waves of Wellness, a surf therapy organization — and Hemsworth is a noted surfer dude. Lohan explained that part of her work for WOW includes “bringing people’s energy together,” which is presumably why she commented with a simple prayer emoji on a photo Hemsworth shared of himself surfing. “People took it the wrong way,” she said.
“We always have gossip in our life,” said Lohan, as she adjusted her webcam. Some of us have more than others, though, and Lohan knows all about it.
Something else people have been taking the wrong way? What’s happening with Lohan and season 2 of The Masked Singer Australia. It was reported that Lohan was not asked back to the judge’s panel, but she told Cooper and Cohen that she’s “in Australia, doing another season of The Masked Singer.” In a statement, Australia’s Channel 10 said, “Despite what you may have read, we will have exactly the same judging line-up and exactly the same host,” reports Yahoo.
Lohan also revealed she has big plans for 2020. She’s managing her younger sister, Aliana “Ali” Lohan, and releasing a new single (!!!) after dropping her newest song, “Xanax,” in September 2019. Lohan also said she will be coming back to the U.S. to continue her acting career. “I’m doing something soon in this new year,” she confirmed, which is making this Lohan fan go crazy with anticipation. After her time spent in Mykonos, Australia, and Oman, where she chatted in full hair and makeup glam at 8:30 a.m. local time, it will be nice to see her stateside again.

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