Kate Beckinsale Got Her Daughter A Hilarious Gift & It Backfired

Photo: Jason LaVeris/FilmMagic.
Over the holidays, Kate Beckinsale gave her daughter, Lily Sheen, the most extra gift ever — and we love the actress who looks a lot like Ryan Reynolds even more because of it. That is, despite the fact that her thoughtful gift is, as Beckinsale so elegantly put it, "fucking psycho."
Well, let's just have Beckinsale explain how she ended up with a life-size pillow of her daughter's boyfriend's face, shall we?
"So.. getting a pillow made in the shape of your daughter’s boyfriend’s head for when she misses him when she comes home is CUTE," Beckinsale wrote on Instagram. "It arriving the day after she leaves makes you a fucking PSYCHO who is watching Showtime with a taxidermy of your daughter’s boyfriend’s head."
Lucky for us, Beckinsale shared a photograph of this whole debacle and it's hilarious. Even her daughter and her BF David Schechter got a good chuckle out of it. Also, job well done by the pillow-maker; it really does look like Lily's boyfriend, who, as some of Beckinsale's commenters noted, is a dead ringer for her ex and Lily's father Michael Sheen.
So, what's next for the pillow and its new mistress? "Look for me on true crime shows shortly," Beckinsale joked. A woman and the pillow that looks like her daughter's boyfriend, kind of sounds like a Lifetime movie, doesn't it?
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