10 Of The Most Timothée Chalamet Stories To Ever Exist

PHoto: Don Arnold/WireImage.
By the laws of Lil Timmy-Tim physics, for every brilliant Timothée Chalamet performance, there are at least three chaotic anecdotes from his cast mates and collaborators. The 23-year-old actor is beloved by fans and co-stars alike for his openness, dedication, and habit of squirming around during interviews
The stylish Chalamet that fans see is often jumping barriers to greet admirers, and has even been known to pass out bagels on the red carpet. There's a real dedication on his part to give the most genuine interactions every time he is recognized in public — even on a long flight. But, there's a flip side, of course. The actor is often offline and out of sight when he’s filming or taking a break, which stans often refer to as “droughts.” (No Timmy footage to water their crops!)
Once Chalamet does resurface to do press, his circle of celebrity coworkers expands, leaving a new wave of headline-making stories. And the stories are often adorably awkward, just like him.
From being so affectionate to Saoirse Ronan that he earned a nickname, to fanning out a little too hard in front of Steve Carell, read all of the best Timmy Chalamet anecdotes, ahead.

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