Why Timothée Chalamet Brought Bagels To The King Red Carpet

There are no bagels in Netflix's new movie The King, but you wouldn't know that from Tuesday night's premiere. Star Timothée Chalamet showed up at the SVA Theater in New York City without his character's signature bowl cut, but with multiple bags of bagels, which according to fans in attendance, he then handed out to eager attendees.
This all stems from a Twitter joke among stans, who noted the actor's proclivity for bagels from Tompkins Square Bagels in New York City. While Chalamet may not be active on social media, he clearly keeps his eyes peeled. He saw the bagel discourse and, like the dutiful monarch he plays in The King, he obliged.
"We were ALL starving with most of us standing in line waiting for the red carpet for 5 hours, so it was amazing that he was literally feeding us," one such bagel recipient, who wished to remain anonymous, told Refinery29.
"I watched the movie with the bagel in my lap," another fan, whose overjoyed reaction can be seen in the photo above, explained.
The bagels were reportedly whole wheat everything, according to one fan, and apparently most of the people who received them devoured them immediately. Chalamet even engaged in bagel banter as he moved through the crowd on his way into the premiere, gamefully responding to important questions about his favorite bagel order — a bacon, egg, and cheese.
Tompkins Square Bagels confirmed the bagels at the premiere were purchased by Chalamet ahead of the event.
"He said he had a premiere and he'd like to give out some little tokens," an employee explained to Refinery29 over the phone. "I said, Take bagels."
While the shop is a known hot-spot for Chalamet (and a number of other celebrities like the Jonas Brothers, and the Kardashians), it's not overrun with fans attempting to glimpse the actor.
"More my kids," the employee joked. "Her and her friends always come in."
Instead, Chalamet is the type of celebrity who brings the bagels to you — a quality any good King should possess.

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