Timothée Chalamet Falling Out Of His Chair In Front Of His Crush Is All Of Us

Photo: Andrew Lipovsky/NBCU Photo Bank/Getty Images.
If I were Jimmy Fallon, I'd also have Timothée Chalamet back on the Tonight Show for the second time in two months, especially because it means we got to check in with the 22-year-old now that he's in the full throes of his fame — which, it turns out, can be just as much of an embarrassment as it is something to brag about.
Considering Chalamet's involvement in standout films Lady Bird and Call Me By Your Name, the newcomer has found himself on stage at countless award shows and festivals.
"I love that you're enjoying yourself and having fun at these events," Fallon commented.
"I'm loving it," Chalamet replied. "I feel like I'm living a form of the dream so."
However, there was one event that didn't quite go his way, and Fallon of course wouldn't let him go without talking about it.
"You've been doing all these press events for the movie and just kind of getting used to doing these events, and you did a Q& you know what I'm talking about?" he asked.
"It was devastating," Chalamet said, covering his face. "I was in New York Film Festival. You know, this is my home town. I was so happy to be here. And there was a Q&A after the movie, it was well received, and I'm sitting in the chair for the Q&A, and then a gravitational force comes out of nowhere and knocks me out of the chair and I fall back."
Okay, what actually happened is this:
The worse part? His crush was watching.
"Dude, let me say...There was a girl in the audience that night I was super psyched was there and then that happened," Chalamet revealed.
Luckily, he had a chance to redeem himself later in the show when he joined fellow Lady Bird cast member Saoirse Ronan for a round of "Catchphrase." Watch below to see this Oscar shoo-in say the phrase "intelligent butt."

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