Khloé Kardashian Thanks Her 100 Million Followers, Then Immediately Takes It Back

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Most would agree that the Kardashians have excellent social media game, but how exactly one of the sisters feels about this particular prowess is...confusing. 
On Tuesday, Khloé Kardashian  took to her Instagram story to reveal that she hit a huge milestone on the app. She’s 100 million followers deep, baby! 
“100 million followers!!!! Wow wow wow!!!” Kardashian wrote. “Thank you guys!!!! This is nuts!!” 
A normal, appropriate reaction to learning that the population of a not-tiny country is currently following your every social media move. However, immediately after gushing over the Instagram win, Kardashian shared some other thoughts about the ‘gram. 
“Unpopular opinion: I think social media has completely destroyed our generations ability to be truly happy,” reads the quote, not attributed to Kardashian specifically. “We’re always seeing someone else who we think has it better than us and it causes us to think that what we have isn’t good enough.” 
Criticizing society’s connection to social media is valid, but Kardashian’s quote of choice is a little confusing, given the reality star’s relationship with social media. (And, uh, the fact that she literally posted it on her Instagram account, so shortly after celebrating gaining new followers.) Kardashian routinely serves up curated content. Momager Kris Jenner claimed in an interview with CBS that her daughters make at least “six figures” to post sponsored content on the ‘gram.
This is hardly the first time Kardashian has posted vaguely cryptic quotes on her Instagram story. In fact, she does it so much, fans have taken to analyzing what the “sometimes inspirational, sometimes a true bummer” words mean. She recently posted some quotes on her Instagram story while the rest of her siblings were hanging out with former stepparent Caitlyn Jenner, suggesting that Kardashian’s true feelings will always be shared via a curation of someone else’s words. 

But who is the real Kardashian? Is it the woman who is stoked to score millions of followers, or the one who would rather throw her phone into the ocean? If we can’t trust what Kardashian posts on Instagram, how are we ever to know?
Refinery29 reached out to Kardashian for comment.
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