The Turkey Drop Dating Trend Is So Real, It Now Has Its Own Rom-Com

Photo: Albert Camicioli/Freeform.
It’s a moment many college freshmen fear: The day their high school sweetheart decides that things simply aren’t working out in their long-distance relationship at separate colleges. The fact that the moment often occurs during Thanksgiving break, aka when most couple find themselves face-to-face to after months apart, the breakup conversation has been appropriately coined the “Turkey Drop.” 
As far as awful dating trends go, the Turkey Drop particularly sucks. It means that a holiday that should be reserved for family, friends, and too much food is forever associated with (what could be one’s first) breakup. Essentially, it makes the holiday no fun, not for the dumpee or the dumper, and likely not for the high school pals who must console both parties at their annual Friendsgiving. It’s no surprise, then, that in Freeform’s new original movie Turkey Drop, Olivia Holt’s Lucy will do whatever it takes to avoid the fate of many a freshmen before her. 
In the Refinery29 exclusive trailer for Turkey Drop, Lucy fears that her high school beau Jordan (Tyler Perez) is planning on breaking up with her somewhere in between servings of mashed potatoes and green beans. She’ll do anything to make him rethink his decision, and vows to prove that she’s not the same girl he left behind months earlier.
Alas, in getting out of her comfort zone, Lucy may find that her boyfriend isn’t the one she wants to be with, either: An unexpected kiss with her family friend Dean (Ben Levin) leads to lots of complications for all parties. Cheryl Hines also stars as Lucy’s mom, who will likely hear all about this during her daughter’s few days away from school.
And to think: You thought your annual political debate over pumpkin pie was the most drama.
Turkey Drop is just the first in a series of holiday programming from Freeform. Following its beloved 31 Nights of Halloween block to celebrate the spooky season, Freeform will launch its 25 Days of Christmas programming beginning December 1. The block also comes with upcoming holiday film Ghosting: The Spirit of Christmas, starring The Bold Type’s Aisha Dee, which hits the network December 4. 
Check out the trailer below:
Turkey Drop debuts on Freeform November 23.
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