Nick Viall Just Threw Himself Into The Rachel Lindsay & Raven Gates Drama

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Some of the most intriguing Bachelor Nation drama is happening off camera, and former leading man Nick Viall is wedging himself right in the middle of it. 

Earlier this year, former The Bachelorette star Rachel Lindsay declared that she and Raven Gates were no longer friends. The two became besties when they were both competing in Viall’s season of The Bachelor and exchanged lots of social media love after their time on the show ended. 
Lindsay did not share what Gates did that made her cut ties with the Bachelor In Paradise alum, and claimed on Watch What Happens Live that she had “promised” she wouldn’t spill. She echoed the sentiment on The Morning Toast podcast. 
"All I'll say is she knows what she did,” Lindsay told host Claudia Oshry Soffer. “You can ask her. Maybe you'll have her on [the show] and she can talk about it."
While Viall didn’t address the feud directly, he did say that he thinks Gates is a shit talker while on Lindsay’s podcast The Bachelor Hour
“I think the character [Raven is] portraying herself to be on the TV show and on Instagram is totally full of shit, and lying and bullshit,” he told Lindsay. “I think she talks shit about people, all the time! I think that’s totally fine. I don’t like how sometimes people pretend to not be a certain way.”
He continued, saying that while he “quite liked her for the person [he] got to know,” she had a “dark side” the cameras didn’t catch. 
“She could be manipulative and all those things. The whole picture of Raven, that was charming,” Viall explained. 
While Lindsay may not want to dish on why she and Gates split, having Viall on her podcast to spill tea on her ex pal probably did a lot of the talking for her. 
Refinery29 reached out to Viall, Gates, and Lindsay for comment.

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