How To Stream Halloweentown Just In Time For Halloween

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If you didn't grow up wanting to be Marnie (or Sophie, or Dylan, depending on your age), scared of Kalabar, awestruck by Grandma Aggie, and a little in love with Luke (even if you're a raging lesbian like myself now), are you even a millennial? Halloweentown is a claaaassic Halloween movie and not a single Halloween would be complete without a little H-Town nostalgia. Plus, we'll all be spending our Halloweens inside avoiding the COVID (which is undisputedly much scarier than any goblin), so rewatching this masterpiece is the perfect way to celebrate in 2020. In case you haven't heard of this incredible DCOM (that's Disney Channel Original Movies, for those who weren't born in the early nineties), the plot goes a little something like this: Debbie Reynolds and gang learn to ride brooms, talk to skeleton cab drivers, and save Halloween from an evil darkness — all in a perfectly succinct ninety minutes! Could any movie be more perfect? Well maybe Halloweentown II or Halloweentown High, but tbh, when it comes to DCOMs, I'm a purist and I just love that first movie so much! Soapy!
If you're tryna catch a ride on the Halloweentown Express this holiday season, you're in luck — this masterpiece of a film is streaming all across the internet! This is the first Halloween ever with the existence of
Disney+, so you can finally stream all the Halloweentown movies for just $6.99 a month! You can also watch it for free on various cable platforms, such as Xfinity, or streaming services with TV add-ons, such as YouTubeTV, as long as they have access to Disney. If you're not a Disney+ subscriber you'll have to shell out to rent it on Amazon Prime (currently on sale for 50 cents!!) or buy it on iTunes, YouTube, or GooglePlay (you might as well buy it...).
I'm off to go celebrate getting myself Disney+ for Hanukkah last year — brb while I binge-watch all the Halloweentown movies and maybe finish off the night with Cadet Kelly! Happy DCOM Halloween, y'all!

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