Pete Davidson Finally Returns To SNL — From The Upside Down

Photo: Will Heath/NBC.
Pete Davidson has been notably absent from the past two episodes of Saturday Night Live, as he has been off filming The Suicide Squad. But Davidson has finally returned to SNL, with his usual semi-aware, oversharing millennial shtick that makes him one of the show’s most beloved cast members.
Davidson first appeared during host David Harbour’s monologue. Naturally, Harbour was tasked with a Stranger Things-themed bit, despite him joking that he does “so much more,” like Shakespeare in the Park and Broadway. As he proceeded to travel through the studio, Kate McKinnon rushed to his side because a portal to the Upside Down had appeared on the SNL set. And off into the spooky world Harbour went.
After encountering Aidy Bryant and Beck Bennett, Harbour found Davidson playing with moss (in front of a live llama, which no one seemed to notice). “It can’t be,” said Habour. “Pete Davidson? Is this where you’ve been, in the Upside Down?” Davidson laughed and said, “Chyeah.” Harbour invited him back to SNL studio, which Davidson shrugged and said, “Ha, maybe.” Meanwhile, Harbour also encountered Lorne Michaels at a desk, playing assistant to Kenan Thompson, who “runs the show” (but really, Thompson totally owns the SNL stage).
Davidson must have made it back to the real world because he also popped up on “Weekend Update,” where he noted that Colin Jost had previously joked about him losing his car at a music festival for a week. “I looked it up, and it’s not me,” said Davidson. Mostly, he gave the audience his take on sexually-transmitted infections, because he “looks like he has all of them.” Davidson joked that, although rates of syphilis, chlamydia, and gonorrhea are rising, they can all be cured with antibiotics. Unlike the flu, he claimed, “which lasts, like, a month.” 
Still, not to be a mom over here, but please use physical protection when engaging in sexual activity — bacterial STIs can be cured, but viral infections HIV and HSV2 cannot. And get your flu shot. Chyeah!

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