This Lisa Frank Hotel Room Is Here To Make All Your Tween Dreams A Reality

Nevermind what people say, Lisa Frank is the epitome of timeless style. I honestly believe clashing prints, a mess of technicolor rainbows, sparkles, clouds, and smiling animals to be ageless. But Lisa Frank’s dreamworld is specifically ’90s in a way that only ’90s kids can remember: that obsession with having Lisa Franks stationery, Lisa Frank clothes, and Lisa Frank markers for your Lisa Frank velvet drawing book.
If you're one of those, you'll be excited to hear that a Lisa Frank pop-up hotel room is coming to Los Angeles this month and you can book it on This Barsala flat has been turned into a Lisa Frank wonderland fit for today’s youth – filled with melodramatic purple, neon green, and late ‘80s nostalgia – and reservations are open starting October 11th. The room is available to book through October 27th. 
Personally, I’m partial to the technicolor rainbow world that is the dolphin-themed bathroom, because we all had a phase where we thought we could befriend dolphins on a beach day. But the kitchen holds its own with cupboards full of stuffed animals (let’s not ask too many questions here) and a countertop piled high with Cheez Balls, Fun Dip, Rain-Blow gumballs, Pixy Stix, and other vintage-style treats. The bedroom has a light-up canopy bed with a neon unicorn light fixture, while the main area has rainbow stained glass installation. And, of course, there is enough stationery throughout the flat to supply the entire next generation of Lisa Frank devotees.
The room will also be stocked with pajamas, slippers, gel pens, snacks, and all the Lisa Frank memorabilia you can fit in your carry-on. When was the last time you dotted an “i” with a heart using a neon gel pen? When was the last time you hugged your trapper keeper by the lockers? Too long, too long.

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