How To Be The Women of Hustlers For Halloween

Photo: Courtesy of STX Films.
Hustlers is a movie with a complicated morality. Should we root for its protagonists, who use their talents to extract money from unsuspecting men? Should we condemn them for their illegal scheme?
Here's what we know for certain: Hustlers, a movie about an edgy and fashionable squad of resourceful strippers, makes for a fantastic group Halloween costume. If only we could close our eyes, open them, look in the mirror, and see Jennifer Lopez in all her Hustlers glory staring back at us.
Alas, this kind Black Mirror-esque instant cloning technology has not been invented (as far as we know), so we'll have to make do with conventional DIY Halloween costumes.
Here's how to be the women of Hustlers for Halloween — just don't do anything illegal.

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