Meet The Hustlers Cast & The Real People That Inspired Their Characters

Photo: Courtesy of STX Films.
Every once in a while a movie comes along and the cast is so stacked with amazing people you just have to see it — and it’s even better when the cast is predominantly women. Hustlers —  which is loosely based on a true story about strippers, well, hustling — features some of our favorite actresses ever, along with a few up and coming actresses who have only just begun to make names for themselves (and we can’t wait to see where they go next). The Hustlers cast is so great, you’re either going to want to be one of the women in the movie, or be friends with all the women in the movie just to be in their presence... criminal element aside. 
Hustlers, which is inspired by The Cut’s story “The Hustlers at Score,” follows a single mom, Destiny (played by Constance Wu), who turns to stripping to support her family. She meets a veteran stripper, Ramona (Jennifer Lopez), and the two start working together to really bring in the big bucks. And I mean like, huge bucks. The two set out on a long-con, with a handful of other accomplices, to literally take the men of New York City for all their worth, or as much as they can max out on their credit cards. It’s a story of stealing from the rich to give to themselves. Or as the original The Cut article called them, "modern day Robin Hoods."
Here’s a who’s who on the big screen, and who they're based on in real life.

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