What Did Luke Stone Do On The Bachelorette Besides Accidentally Plug His Tequila Brand?

PHoto: courtesy of ABC.
Watching Bachelor In Paradise can be like studying — no, cramming — for a test. Who are all these new contestants? Are you sure I learned that guy’s name? Did we even go over this during the lecture? Why isn’t there one big edition of CliffNotes for everyone who’s always been on The Bachelor?
At this point, any contestant could come at any time in any franchise, so it’s best to be prepared. On season 6 of Bachelor In Paradise, Nick Viall-lookalike Luke Stone is coming back to find his… second chance at love. But what happened to Luke Stone on The Bachelorette? I’m glad you asked, because this contestant’s shine got dulled by all the other drama (read: the other Luke) that was happening on Hannah’s season.
Luke S. is not Luke Parker, the problematic Luke who liked to yell and throw food at people. According to his ABC.com profile, Luke S. is a “political fundraiser” who works on Capitol Hill and moonlights as a “tequila expert” at night. He wanted someone who would challenge him, learn with him, and has a “quirky” personality. Hannah had all of those things on The Bachelorette, but she was too busy trying to figure out why she love-hated Luke P.. Bummer. It was the other Luke’s problems that ultimately caused Luke S. to self-exit from The Bachelorette, because Luke S. felt like Hannah was spending too much time on bad Luke and not enough time on good Luke (aka him).
The last straw was at the rugby match during Hannah’s season, where Luke S. thought Luke P. went a little too hard on him on purpose. Luke P. also accused Luke S. of being on The Bachelorette to promote his tequila brand, but Luke S. laughed that off. Luke S. told Hannah to be careful about Luke P., because the guy might have some issues, and Hannah defended Luke P. Ugh. Then, Luke S. peaced out. He had had enough because Hannah wasn’t heeding his advice. As he told Us Weekly after his exit on the show, “That night was long, it was hard and I tried my best to sort of communicate with Hannah and figure out where her head was at. To me, being there, I felt like she didn’t trust me.”
That is a very valid feeling on which to kill a relationship — since every coupling is based on trust, what could Luke S. and Hannah have without it? Honestly, Hannah was too busy trying to suss out her feelings for all of her final men, and if Luke S. didn’t see it happening for them, he was right to leave. Hannah wasn’t there, and he can do better to find someone who wants him for him. Considering that Luke S. flew down to Mexico for a chance at love on Bachelor In Paradise, perhaps he thought it could happen for him there.

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