Bachelorette Fans' Luke Stone & Nick Viall Comparison Might Actually Be On Point

Photo: Courtesy of ABC.
Bachelorette contestant Luke Stone knows he looks like Nick Viall, it says as much in his ABC bio. But the similarities between the two Bachelor Nation stars goes beyond matching beards and facial structures. Luke Stone's Instagram shows that The Bachelorette contestant even posts like Nick Viall. (Or, perhaps Nick posts like Luke.)
In Luke's defense, he has several hundred fewer images on his Instagram and exactly zero shirtless selfies (a Nick Viall staple), but there are a few images that are eerily similar.
For example, they've both relied on a staple Chicago Insta image: using the Willis Tower (formerly the Sears Tower) as a backdrop. So, from Chicago to Coachella, we've compiled a few eerily similar incidents, in case you're still not convinced:
Sears Tower Stunting
Luke opted for a rooftop picture:
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Chicago is where I want to go ?

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Nick went with a from-the-ground angle:
Coachella, aka Where To See All Your Favorite Bachelor Nation Alums
Nick did the handkerchief thing:
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I came for Beyoncé #coachella

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And so did Luke. Just try to tell us that Luke isn't Nick in this picture:
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Feeling the burn of that southeast California desert

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Dudes Who Animal Onesie Alike... We Don't Know, Just Look At These!
Luke's dramatic pose was for a Bachelorette date photoshoot:
Nick just decided to dress up like this for fun:
And Finally, The "Staring Pensively Into The Distance" Look
And here's Luke gazing out at the vast ocean:
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Views ??

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Luke is a little more conservative on Instagram in that he hasn't (yet) decided that flashing his abs in nearly every picture is his photo grid style of choice.
But, give this Nick Viall long-lost twin some time and he could turn his feed into a veritable copycat account. The groundwork has already been laid, whether Luke knows it or not. Since everyone already thinks they're the same person, he might as well go full tilt and basically just become Nick Viall 2.0 on Instagram and get that #sponcon.
Maybe he'll even be our next Bachelor. Stranger things have happened on this show, y'all.

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