Here's How Gigi Hadid Changes Tyler Cameron's Bachelor Chances

Photo: Courtesy of ABC.
Nobody expected Tyler Cameron to go on to do date supermodel Gigi Hadid after his break-up with Hannah Brown on the most recent season of The Bachelorette — least of all the Bachelor producers.
As a frontrunner on the show, that also made the model a top choice to succeed onto the role of Bachelor to get his own shot at love. But as the producers mull over who will officially get that title (Mike Johnson and Peter Weber are also rumored to be in the mix), does Cameron's public dating life squash his chances to go on a show that's whole purpose is to find love? Chris Harrison says not so fast.
"He’s still a contender, this is just a good example of why we wait," the Bachelor franchise host told The Hollywood Reporter in the wake of the Bachelorette twist and current drama on Bachelor In Paradise. "The show is just now over. If we had announced Tyler [as the Bachelor] the day after and then this happens, that’s a big problem for us and it’s not a good look. So we wait."
After all, Harrison points out that just because Cameron was spotted on a few dates with Hadid doesn't mean he's locked down — and honestly Bachelor viewers should understand that more than anyone.
"We are certainly not mad at him and it doesn’t exclude him from The Bachelor conversation," Harrison continued. "It just means that when we get to that point, we’re going to have to have a little deeper of a conversation about where his head is at. Maybe Gigi Hadid comes on the show, who knows?"
After all, Johnson is also in the process of looking for love on Bachelor In Paradise. Previous Bachelor Colton Underwood appeared on the spinoff before being crowned, so the only move now is to wait and see.
"We’re going to watch him on Paradise and see how people react to him there," Harrison said of Johnson. "We’ll see if he’s in a relationship or engaged when he leaves; obviously, that would kill the situation. And the same thing with a guy like Peter. We’re going to pay attention and see how he’s doing and where his life is, because at the end of the day when we make that decision, we need somebody who is sincerely ready to open their life, step into a relationship and hopefully find something meaningful — love, relationship, wedding."
But a Bachelor season in which Gigi Hadid comes on the show would certainly sweeten the deal.

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