The Bachelorette Finale Didn't Mention Peter's Girlfriend — Here's Why That Matters

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Everyone wants to know what Jed Wyatt has to say about the claims that he was dating someone before he went on The Bachelorette, but he's not the only finalist with a reported scorned ex. Recently, Peter Weber's alleged ex-girlfriend from before The Bachelorette came forward to claim to Entertainment Tonight that he was auditioning for the show while they were dating, and that he dumped her out of nowhere in December.
He's yet to respond to the ex's claims, and if you were hoping for clarity on the matter during the two-night Bachelorette finale, you'll be disappointed. Chris Harrison didn't ask about Peter's girlfriend situation on The Bachelorette finale, and the lack of at least a mention of that very public story on a show that thrives on drama is pretty significant.
Right now, Peter is a fan favorite, especially among fans who may not have heard the media reports about his ex-girlfriend. Peter is otherwise prime Bachelor material. His whole exit was basically an audition for the leading role. He didn't blame Hannah for her decision, and he also praised the process of the show while mentioning that he is still ready for love. "I'll never forget this journey, how beautiful it was in so many ways," he said. "I found love and I swear I don’t regret anything … I know I have a ton of love to give."
Could he perhaps give this love as the Bachelor? It sure seems like he wants to. It also seems that the producers is considering him, if Harrison didn't ask him about the alleged girlfriend drama on the show. Doing so could have confused or upset viewers who don't follow spoilers, which isn't ideal when you're asking them to tune in to watch someone fall in love.
Not asking Peter about the situation is a little unusual, though, if only because Harrison previously said that they would be talking about it. Entertainment Tonight reported that the host told the Bachelor Party podcast that he wanted to clear things up during the finale about the matter. Although, it sounds from Harrison's perspective like it may not be the big deal others believe it to be.
"I'm less worried and less intrigued about Peter's situation," Harrison said, adding that he did digging into the girlfriend's claims of when Peter began the casting process. "I know some truths that either I'll explain or Peter will explain." He added, "But I know it's kind of more funny than anything, about him and how he was approached by the show, how he was cast on the show, the timing of it all. So I have facts on that that I'm not worried about at all for Peter."
Harrison also told People magazine that he'll give Jed a chance to speak on his own allegations during the finale, so maybe there's still time to bring up Peter's situation at another point in the finale. Harrison also announced the start of a new ABC-sanctioned Bachelor Nation podcast hosted by Ali Fedotowsky and Rachel Lindsay, whose first guest will be Peter. It's entirely possible that that is where the producers plan to address the elephant in the room.
However, if Peter's situation is never brought up, it won't be all that surprising. It is different to break up in December and go on a show in March, as is the claim against Peter, versus allegedly dating someone all the way up to leaving for the show, which is the claim against Jed. If Harrison is to be believed, and Peter's supposed girlfriend's story isn't what it seems, it likely won't exclude him from being the Bachelor. But perhaps the producers felt it would make everything less messy to ignore it all together.
In any case, don't be surprised if, come September, Peter is named as the next Bachelor — the show is certainly clearing the way for him.

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