A Guide To The New Characters On Veronica Mars Season 4

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Warning: Some mild spoilers for the new Veronica Mars are ahead.
News of Hulu's revival of Veronica Mars thrilled longtime Marshmallows. While the 2014 fan-funded movie provided plenty of cameos of characters past, the long-awaited season 4 really dives deep into what all of our favorite residents of Neptune are doing now. It's true that Logan (Jason Dohring), Weevil (Francis Capra), Wallace (Percy Daggs III) and more are all back in action. However, fans may be surprised just how much they like the newcomers to Neptune. The season's darker take on SoCal noir comes with a brand new cast of Veronica Mars characters.
A long time ago, we used to be friends... and Veronica is making some new ones, along with enemies. Who will be suspects in the Neptune bombings Veronica (Kristen Bell) is investigating this season? Who will be Veronica's new nemesis? And who could give Veronica a run for her money in the scamp department? Here are some of the new characters (and cast members) we'll meet this season.
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Dawnn Lewis as Neptune Sheriff Marcia Langdon

Marcia is the new sheriff of Neptune, after Don Lamb (Michael Muhney) bought the farm during season 3 of the series. His brother Daniel Lamb (Jerry O'Connell) was sheriff during the 2014 film, and Marcia is an improvement on them both, in that she's not quite a raging sociopath.

Lewis is best known for her role as Jaleesa on A Different World. She's also a singer-songwriter who wrote the show's theme song.  In 2006, she starred in the film Dreamgirls as Melba Early.
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Kirby Howell-Baptiste As Club Owner Nicole Malloy

Howell-Baptiste plays the owner of a seedy Neptune nightclub whom Veronica befriends during her investigation. Howell-Baptiste — who recurs on Killing Eve and Barry — has a special connection to star Bell. She played Simone, girlfriend of Chidi (William Jackson Harper) and Bell's character Eleanor's romantic rival on The Good Place. She'll appear in the fourth and final season of The Good Place when it returns.
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Patton Oswalt As Pizza Guy Penn Epner

Oswalt joins the series as a pizza delivery guy who is obsessed with true crime, and thinks he may be an even better investigator than Veronica. Oswalt can also be seen solving crime — err, sort of — on Happy! where he plays an animated imaginary friend.
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Clifton Collins Jr. As Mexican Cartel Hitman Alonzo Lozano

Collins Jr. plays a mid-level hitman for a Mexican cartel on season 4. The actor plays a character equally outside the law on Westworld and will next appear in Quentin Tarantino's Once Upon a Time in Hollywood.
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Izabela Vidovic As Matty Ross

Matty is the next generation Veronica: A smart, savvy scamp who knows how to get what she wants by lying. Vidovic has a history with Veronica Mars creator Rob Thomas, as she appeared in last season of his other mystery series iZombie.
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J.K. Simmons As Big Dick's New Friend Clyde Prickett

Oscar winner Simmons — whose past TV credits include Oz, Law and Order, and The Closer — portrays an ex-con and "fixer" of sorts for Richard Casablancas (David Starzyk). He also brings back the Heisenberg Hat from Breaking Bad in season 4, so watch out, Neptune!
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Tyler Alvarez As New PCHer Juan-Diego De La Cruz

Alvarez joins the cast as a member of the Pacific Coast Highway biker gang. You may or may not recognize him as Peter Maldonado from Netflix's tragically cancelled American Vandal.
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Mary McDonnell As Logan's Therapist, Jane

The Fargo actress joins the series as a therapist, which — let's be honest — Neptune desperately needs.

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