A Guide To Miley Cyrus' NSFW "Mother's Daughter" Music Video

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If her latest lyrics and set last weekend at Glastonbury taught us anything, it’s that Miley Cyrus’ new era is all about empowerment. So it makes sense that Cyrus teamed up with a group of badass, beautiful babes to create her music video for “Mother’s Daughter,” the first single off both her recent EP, She Is Coming, and her forthcoming one, She Is Miley Cyrus. Between sensual, colorful clips of a latex-cloaked Cyrus, some serious vagina dentata, and flashes of catchphrases like “virginity is a social construct” and “every woman is a riot,” the “Mother’s Daughter” video featured appearances by all kinds of artists, models, and activists, from Little Miss Flint to Cyrus’ actual mother.
Here’s everyone who appeared in the video for Cyrus’ new self-described “feminist anthem.”
Mari Copeny
Also known as Little Miss Flint, this 11-year-old superhero relentlessly fights for the youth of Flint, MI. She’s raised over $500,000 for the organization Pack Your Back, and refused to compromise when it comes to bringing clean water to the people of Flint. “I’m 11. My generation will fix this mess of a government,” states Copeny’s website. “Watch us.”
Angelina Duplisea
Duplisea is an actress and activist. “We humans have a lot to learn, but we can start by fighting our personal biases and permitting people of all genders, races, sexualities, sizes, abilities and health levels to live harassment-free lives,” she wrote on her Instagram. “Don’t fuck with their freedom.”
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I've always been a fighter. Maybe not always in the most productive way, but fighting for myself, a friend or even for a stranger who is being bullied has always been a part of my personality. Fat acceptance is based on the notion that all fat people, regardless of health, deserve respect. And it's a battle that is fought every day by thousands, including myself. Social media's accessibility allows us to peek in on others living their lives, but too often the conversation turns negative when there are fat bodies involved. People just love to leave awful comments on fat folks photos in order to feel superior and I promise you, not one of these commenters actually cares about the health, family, environment or whatever bullshit reason they give for their vile behavior towards a fat person. And really, how in the hell does health matter in the context of someone just posting a photo of themselves feeling happy and confident? (HINT: it doesn't matter, stop pretending like it does) Next time you see a fat person posting pictures of themselves living their life, stop and ask yourself why you wish to spoil their joy. I guarantee that you can't come up with a valid reason that isn't based in your own ego gratification. Stop it and do better! We humans have a lot to learn, but we can start by fighting our personal biases and permitting people of all genders, races, sexualities, sizes, abilities and health levels to live harassment-free lives. Don't fuck with their freedom to feel happy and beautiful right now, not just when society says its ok. Thank you @mileycyrus for letting me be part of this art ❤

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Lacey Baker
Hailing from California, Baker is a professional skateboarder who often uses her platform to advocate for female and queer skateboarders. “There is so much love to share in the LGBTQ communities all over the world, and to be able to tap into this love through skateboarding is so beautiful,” she wrote.
Casil McArthur
At just 20 years old, trans model McArthur has already walked New York Fashion Week and starred in campaigns for Milk Makeup and Kenneth Cole. “The most important thing for me to let trans men know is that you can wear a dress if you want to, you can get your nails done,” McArthur said in an interview in Mic. “Nothing takes away from you being a man.”
Vendela is a Swedish and Brazilian model. On her Instagram, she spoke up about ditching expectations and creating her own path. “I’ve been asked why I shaved my head...I’ve been asked why I pose nude...What people don’t realize is that I do all this because I want to,” she wrote. “Thank you Miley for letting me be a part of this amazing project.”
Paige Fralix
Fralix is a dancer and choreographer. On Cyrus’ Instagram, she wrote, “I crave a life of meaning, a life of strong human connection, a better world for my future children. I must do more than just sign a petition here of [sic] there.”
Trydryn Scott
Scott, whose back is painted with “my body, my rules” in the video, is an activist. Cyrus quoted Scott on her Instagram: “Thankfully i [sic] don’t really have to fight for my freedom but for those who do I definitely speak out and continuously rock out for them hoping to inspire the next girl like me.”
Aaron Philip
Philip is an 18-year-old, Bronx-based model who made headlines as the first disabled, trans, black model to sign to a major agency when she joined Elite Model Management in 2018. Philip was also previously highlighted as one of Teen Vogue’s “21 Under 21.”
Melanie Sierra
Sierra is a songwriter, actress, and activist and the founder of Let’s Talk Mother, a project that aims to offer support for single mothers everywhere. In Cyrus’ video, Sierra is breastfeeding her child.
Amazon Ashley
Amazon Ashley is a burlesque star, and this isn’t her first time collaborating with Cyrus — the 6’7 dancer actually taught Cyrus to twerk, and previously danced in the video for “We Can’t Stop.” According to Cyrus’ Instagram, Ashley said, “Sometimes, I feel so helpless and discouraged because there is so much injustice, discrimination, and hatred in the world we live in… However, I still believe there is hope.”
Tish Cyrus
Of course, “Mother’s Daughter” wouldn’t be complete without an extended cameo from Cyrus’ own mom: in the video, the mother-daughter duo don matching Chanel outfits while they sip tea.
Watch the video below.

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