Do The Hills Reboot Cast’s Star Charts Mean They’re Fated For Drama?

According to astrological compatibility, the time, date, and location we were born play a factor in determining who we click with as friends, who we make it work with as romantic partners, and who just plain gets on our nerves. For the cast of The Hills: The New Beginnings, their star charts may provide a hint at what’s to come. Is perfectionist Virgo Kaitlynn Jenner fated to butt heads with newcomer Brandon Thomas Lee, a charming Gemini? Will Mischa Barton, an independent Aquarius, find the group dynamics annoying and strike out on her own?
Newcomers Barton, Lee, and Kaitlynn Jenner joined veteran cast members Brody Jenner (Leo) and Stephanie Pratt (Aries) to play “Star Charts” with Refinery29. In this game, the contestants try to guess which astrological description fits which person. (Who else wants to play this at their next party?)
First up: “This person is a perfectionist who thinks about things on an intellectual level and may come off as unemotional. They are sociable and easy to talk to. They may be ambitious, even if their goals are untraditional.” The answer? Heidi Montag, a Virgo sun and Aquarius moon. And even though no one got it right, they all agreed the description fits Heidi to a T.
Here's another: "This person's sun and moon combo makes them warm and confident, but not overbearing. They have a big heart and take pride in who they are. They value being liked and being perceived as creative. They are often the life of the party and are great at making friends. Picking a fight with them is a bad idea.” It's Whitney Port, a Pisces sun and Leo moon.
Watch the rest of the game (and find out who wins by a landslide) above.

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