Songs & Artists You Can Thank The Beats Soundtrack For Introducing

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If you're looking for some new, beat-heavy tracks to add to your summer listening, look no further than the soundtrack from Netflix's new movie, Beats.
The film centers around August Monroe – played by newcomer and South Side native, Khalil Everage – a young, hip-hop prodigy growing up on the South Side of Chicago. As he struggles to cope with crippling anxiety, he finds an unlikely mentor, played by Blackish's Anthony Anderson, to help him navigate his creative potential and future in the music business.
Just like the film tracks the rise of an up-and-coming artist, the Beats soundtrack is full of artists who haven't had major radio play or playlisting on streaming platforms yet. In fact, quite a few of them are difficult to find online at all. So, if one of these artist's music resonates with you, just know that you're going to be among the fans who "knew them when."
The soundtrack also features two original songs scored for the film. "Niyah's Song (Whole Lotta Love)" by Tobi Lou and Dreezy and "Kari's Song (Long Way Home)" feat. Tati by Happy Birthday Calvin, the latter of which will be released when the movie becomes available on Netflix.
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"Womp Womp" is Valee's runaway hit with over 30 million streams on Spotify to date.
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The rapper has a song "Jungle" on the soundtrack; however, it hasn't been dropped online yet. Lucky for us, he has plenty more on Spotify.
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With only one song on Spotify so far, Cannon is one of the up-and-comers featured on the Beats soundtrack. His song "Cannon - August Beat #1" can be heard in the film.
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Knitwit. ft. KR Tha Starr

Like many of the songs on the soundtrack, "Red Light Green Light" is not streaming yet, but Knitwit. has a back catalogue of songs going back over 10 years.
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Z Money

"00 Pressure (Rough)" by Z Money is the song the rapper contributed to the soundtrack, but until the film drops, you won't find it online.
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Rose Royce

The Los Angeles-based group has been racking up the monthly listeners on Spotify even without their soundtrack hit "Life Worth Living" streaming yet.
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Nikkie Bandz

"Blue Racks" is a lesser known track for Nikkie Bandz, but the group is very much on the up-and-up so don't be surprised if you start hearing a lot more from them. They also have their song "No Cap" featured on the soundtrack.
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Dreezy makes a few appearances on the Beats soundtrack, but her featured song "Queen Cabrini Freestyle" is one you'll have to wait to hear in the movie. She also co-created one of the two original songs on the soundtrack, "Niyah's Song (Whole Lotta Love)" by Tobi Lou and Dreezy.
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Young Chop

Young Chop, like the film's protagonist, grew up on Chicago's South Side and started making his own tracks when he was only 11-years-old. His song "Chop 22 (Remembrance)" is featured in Beats.
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Incredible Bongo Band

"Apache" is Incredible Bongo Band's most well-known song. It even has a remix by legendary performer and producer, Grandmaster Flash.
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Jairus Mozee

It's been a minute since Jairus Mozee put out new music. His last full-length album was released in 2012, but he's got a new track titled "Orce" featured in the film.
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Joe C. Ryan III

"I Need You" is the song you'll hear in Beats, but you can listen to Joe C. Ryan III's whole first album and more on SoundCloud.
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The Chicago rapper contributed one of two original songs to the Beats soundtrack titled "Kari's Song (Long Way Home)," featuring Tati, which is set to release the same day as the movie.
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Tobi Lou

With an EP and a handful of singles on Spotify, you'll have to wait for the film to drop to hear "Lounar" by Tobi Lou. He co-created "Niyah's Song (Whole Lotta Love)" with Dreezy specially for the movie.

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