Pete Davidson, Like Myself, Has No Idea Why He Walked The Alexander Wang Runway

Photo: Steven Ferdman/WireImage.
Pete Davidson has surprised me a lot over the past year, but he turned even more heads than when he first stepped out with Kate Beckinsale with his latest move. The 25-year-old made his runway debut with Alexander Wang, walking in the show's Spring 2020 show earlier this month. While the event wasn't physically far from his Saturday Night Live roots, since it took place in Rockefeller Center, it was surprising to see the self-titled wearer of "guido trash" step foot into the world of high fashion — alongside Kendall Jenner no less.
In an interview, Jenner said she didn't even know Davidson would be walking with her and, honestly, same! As you could imagine, I was excited to get to the bottom of why when the fashion designer released a behind-the-scenes video of the comedian going through "Model Boot Camp" to get ready for the show.
However, it begs more questions than answers.
"There's my star!" Wang greets Davidson like an old friend ahead of their first rehearsal, putting him into a robe to keep his identity secret and walking him through the choreography. Do these two hang out often?
"Modeling is very hard," Davidson muses in the video. "I had never realized that you dress someone up and send someone to a person and then they'll go: 'no.'"
However, he did eventually get the hang of it: "I'm just gonna walk like a normal person," Davidson declares.
The funniest parts of the video come when Davidson is just hanging out in the middle of the all the experience models, cracking jokes to no one about Wang's initials and asking "who can hear me?" into a void of blank faces.
"I think all of his clothes are sick, I just...have a hunchback, kind of," Davidson reflects at one point. "Cause I'm not comfortable with myself."
While Davidson frequently knocks himself ahead of the show, the actual video of the event shows everything went...fine! He stayed upright, didn't smile, and followed directions, which from my limited fashion experience, is about what you can expect from these things — even if you don't expect Pete Davidson.
"This was the best thing that I've ever done," he declares after it wrapped up. But this is probably a close second.

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